Sunday, March 27, 2011

In Case you're Wondering....

On sabbatical. For awhile. I'll be back. (she says with her best Arnie impersonation)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ringo! Call Me!

Two weeks from today, I will be stepping on a jet and flying across the Atlantic with my darling daughter for a whirlwind tour of London during her March break. I whisked her off to Jamaica in December for what we had hoped would be a week of sun and fun. We only had two days of sun, a little bit of fun and spent most of the week sleeping or reading to the sound of pouring rain. So, not to be disappointed a second time in a row, I decided to go somewhere where it is almost guaranteed to rain and with my luck, the sun WILL shine. I know, I know, it's a sort of warped way of looking at it, but it just may work. My first trip to Merry Old England was in 1974. I was 16. The same age my sweet girl is now. It was even around the exact time of year - March break. I recall how thrilled I was that the weather was mild and there were even daffodils blooming. Not sure if it will be this way in two weeks, but I am hopeful. I have had good experiences on my travels to England. Let's hope this time is no exception. My dear friend Janet is from England. I saw her today, her lovely accent reminding me what I will be hearing shortly. Lately, I am surrounded by English accents in fact. I have a new client at work with one and she has shared some tips with me on what to do and see. I have a pretty good idea of what we should not miss, but I'm always open to suggestions. We have a lunch booked with Kate and Wills on day two - looking forward to that - can't wait to see "the" ring up close and personal. We have been debating and debating over what to wear, but decided that since they are young and casual, we would follow their lead and just wear jeans. They insisted. Who am I to argue? We plan to check out the church too. They apologized for not inviting us to the big event, but we're good with lunch and a peak inside the famous house of worship and besides, I couldn't have gotten time off work in April anyway, so just as well. It would have been nice though, especially since my good friend Elton John will be there, but we had drinks with him night before last while he and David were in town for the opening of Billy Elliot, so we would not have had much to talk about a month from now anyway, having just caught up with them here. It was such fun reminiscing with him. I reminded him that Benny and the Jets was number one on the charts when I made my first visit to London and he said "SHUT-UP Deb, you CANNOT be that old," and I was surely flattered by his outburst, but I guess I don't look too bad for an old broad if I do say so myself! I'm still waiting to hear back from Hugh Grant. He is soooo hard to get in touch with these days. I sent him a note weeks ago explaining how I had seen every one of his movies at least twice and I can't even recall HOW many times I have watched Love Actually, so I assumed that would have guaranteed a social engagement, but maybe he is just out of town or on location somewhere. If you're reading this Hugh - CALL ME! We're getting really booked up and I would hate to disappoint you. I have one availability for lunch and one left for dinner, so don't wait too long or you'll miss the boat! And maybe, if he's around, bring that kid with the funny hair cut that was in About a Boy with you, my daughter would be about the right age for him and then you and I could have an adult conversation and they could talk about teen stuff - sound good? I think they may have the same taste in music, just guessing there. The only other call backs I am waiting for now are from Sting, Bono and Ringo Starr. YES, Ringo Starr. I met him when I was there in 1974 and I want to show him the photos we took of him that day in front of the Apple Recording Studio. My God! He looks so much younger in them, but don't we all! And Ringo, don't feel bad about how rude you were to me and my pack of frenzied teen-aged friends that day - we were a little excited to see you and we couldn't get those flashcubes on our cameras changed any faster. I bet it took hours for the little flash marks in your eyes to go away. Sorry about that. This is the best shot of the bunch here above on this blog. What do you think? I don't think we will have time to get to Stonehenge even though my budding ancient historian really should see that wonder. I heard you're not allowed to sit on the stones and smoke anymore the way we did in 74, so it would not be as much fun now anyway all roped off and everything. (see proof in my sidebar!) And it was such a long drive there and back - if we had more time, maybe. Next time perhaps. I soooo wish Biba were still around - I just loved that department store in 74, but Harrods will have to do. I'm told Kensington Palace is a must see as they have some of Diana's old dresses on display. A bit morbid perhaps, but I will admit I am curious. Should be a fun trip all round, even if the Ritz can't take us for high tea - screw them, we'll go to the Dorchester. It's more authentically "English" anyway!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In like a lion...........

March. Spring is on the horizon. Daylight savings time starts this month. With any luck at all, I might find more time to write this blog. For a genuinely entertaining take on March, go and read my friend Cindy's blog.
I would love to be able to make March sound so good, but I'll let her version do that job. Nobody does it better.
I've got nothing. Not today anyway.