Thursday, June 23, 2011

Electrical Box Installation - it's NOT Rocket Science!

OK, I have come to the conclusion that most and I mean the MAJORITY of builders of new homes are complete and utter morons. I have evidence and 20 years of interior design experience backing up this statement and I have no problem with any builder out there who wants to challenge me on this. Bring it fucking on! On a weekly basis I see brand new homes. My clients meet me there to proudly show me their new homes they have purchased and hire me to assist them in making their design dreams come true. I love doing this. I love helping people plan and turn their empty shells into a home. What I DON'T love is the anxiety and disappointment my clients face when they see all the mistakes their builders have made when they step across the threshold of their dream homes. I have seen the horrific faces of these folks as they unveil their spaces to me, only to discover the wrong granite has been installed, the cheaper mouldings have been installed, the paint is the wrong colour, the electricians have installed their security system key pads or thermostats in the middle of a wall where a mirror or piece of art should hang, the electrical boxes for their chandeliers are not centred over their tables, or their islands, the bathroom fixtures are almond instead of the white they ordered - the list goes on! This is not rocket science folks. These are simple requests that have been ordered and paid for ahead of time that seem simple but apparently are NOT. This is not an occasional slip-up. This happens EVERY time. I have never been to a new home where the home-owner says - "LOOK DEBRA - every thing is just as we ordered - how lovely." NOPE! All I see and hear are all the mistakes that have been made. So, I have got to thinking. There must be a business opportunity here for me somehow. Surely, I could get it right for them. These are NOT difficult things. These are sloppy, unnecessary errors that could be avoided sooooooo easily. What is the bloody problem out there? I cannot believe what happens. It is beyond me how these things continually occur. Is the answer that only high-end jobs get done right? Is there no pride in one's work any more? Do these jerks install thermostats in the middle of an entry hall wall on purpose? Are they so out of touch with how a home is put together from an interior design perspective that they just don't give a rat's ass? Are they complete and utter morons? WHO is supervising these jobs? Who is allowing this? Do they really think it's OK? I DON'T get it!!!!!! Is it a ploy to have to get the electricians to have to come back and fix it - so they get paid twice? So the granite installers, painters, plumbers get paid twice? Is that it? Is it that simple? Is it just a money grab? Politicians could learn a thing or two from these guys. It's pathetic. It's pathetic that there is no pride in a job well done. It is pathetic that my clients have to pay more money to have these things repaired, replaced or re-done. It is just appalling to me. If I had to do every interior decorating job over again every time I would be out of work. How is it these guys get away with this? I feel I need to stop this - to stop this madness once and for all. It really pisses me off. Enough already. Time to do something about it. Give me some time - I am sure I will come up with a solution. If there are any tradesmen out there reading this who are up to the challenge of doing it right - send me a reply - we might have an opportunity here to get it right. Are you up to the challenge? Let me know.

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