Monday, April 21, 2014

Turn off the noise and turn up the music!

Lunar eclipses. Cardinal Grand Crosses. The changing world. Climate Change. GMO food. Fukushima cover-up. Jews having to register. Missing jets. Citizen revolts.

Don't eat wheat. Don't eat meat. Don't eat dairy. Don't eat processed. Don't drink alcohol. Don't do this. Don't do that.

Fuck. No wonder I can't relax. Or sleep some nights.

Makes you just want to turn it all off - right? 

Then you  have your own personal shit to deal with. Family shit. Relationship shit. Work shit. Health shit. 

Then comes all the advice.

Do yoga. Meditate. Eat raw. Volunteer. Forgive. Live in the moment.  

It is sooooo tiresome. All of it. 

Or, you can  do what I did. Sell all your shit. Pack light. (it's hard in this world of consumerism gone crazy). Move to the other side of the world. Rent. Don't own. Plant some herbs and veggies. Walk. Ride a bike. Live simply. Make love. Swim. Fish. Paint. Write. Wear hippie dresses. Listen to music that moves you.  Stop watching TV. Travel. Spend more time in nature. Let go of toxic relationships. Accept imperfection and a few extra pounds from red wine and aged cheese. 

Follow your heart. 



Enjoy this piece of music from Van Morrison...Celtic Excavation, from Poetic Champions of my favourite albums of all time. Turn up the volume.

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