Monday, May 26, 2014

From Where I Sit

Shiny silvery patchwork bark
covers the tall gum
A coat of understated elegance
Foxtail and ponytail fronds
Swaying, swishing, softly
before a cloudless cerulean sky

Momentary glance one

The poolside fence
a perch, a lookout
The Kookaburra first
Doves and Topknots follow
trying out the king's throne

Dew shimmers

Momentary glance two

Agave sculptures twice
mirrored in the pool
Three eucalyptus leaves
drift by, canoes without paddles
Rainbow Lorakeets disrupt the quiet

They leave, silence returns

Momentary glance three

Vermillion nastursiums
punch and pop their fiery heads
above their mock lily pad leaves
Screaming their bold colours
Unafraid to be eaten.

Courageous souls.

Momentary glance four

Two swooping cockatoos
sulphur-crested, chasing each other?
Following each other? 
Perfomance art? Excitement!
King Kookaburra is back

In the old gumtree, like the song says

This is where life happens
Outside my window
away from screens
and desks
Time to dress and join it

from where I sit.

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