Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Just the Way you are

Just the Way you are

That branch
The one protruding
beyond the symmetrical 

It  needs trimming
Says who?

Who is this voice?
What is this urgency?
How can perfection need 

See the bravery,
the courage instead
it took the rogue branch to
grow beyond boundaries.
caring not
to remain
with the other branches.

Who am I to think
it needs correcting?
It wants no part of this
Escape conformity.
Reach for the sun,
feel the breezes
Provide a perch.
Assert yourself.
See where it might take you.

Thank you 
harmless wild thing
for bringing awareness
round controlling urges
not born in me,
but learned by me,
taught to me.

Let them go,
unlearn them,
see the folly,
the pointlessness
of it all...

and breathe.

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