Friday, December 14, 2012

Time to Shift Gears

Could this be the tipping point?  Please tell me it is! The tragedy in Connecticut this morning just has to be a final wake up call.  How many more innocent lives must end before we get it?  

It is like that "meaning of insanity" quote by Albert Einstein.  The one that goes -"the meaning of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."  How much longer before handguns are banned?  How much longer before humanity stops putting so much emphasis and importance on the acquisition of material things?  How many more days, weeks and years before everyone realizes we are all connected? How many more hearts have to be broken; families torn apart, nations divided before we rise above it all?

Days such as this leave me so depleted.  It's as though I cannot absorb all the grief as there is such an abundance of it swirling around that it threatens to absorb me.  I sit here grateful that just yesterday I was able to embrace and hug my daughter before she left town to go back to university to write a couple more exams.  The lingering energy of that moment will have to sustain me today as I weep for the victims and their families and friends of this senseless crime this morning.

From what I have been reading and learning, we, the human race will have an opportunity for enlightenment or awakening on December 21st.  There are many takes on this phenomena of late and I have kind of bought into one in particular that describes the actual scientific explanation and how there will be a window of about 8 minutes where we will be able to absorb this energy of the shifting planets and if you are open to it, may actually be able to awaken to a higher consciousness - a shift, a new way of thinking and doing that will be for the betterment of individuals as well as the collective.

So pay attention on this day and if new thoughts come to you, you are advised to write them down, no matter how far-fetched or unusual they seem as a way to remember what came to you and then perhaps begin to act on them and make changes to the way you live your life, perhaps live a larger life than the one you are living now.

Based on what happened today, it can't come soon enough.  

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