Friday, February 19, 2016

I Want....

I also want to read this book again.

Today's Writing Marathon prompt was to write a poem where each stanza started with the words, "I want".

I wrote this pretty quickly and the truth is, I could add many more "I wants", but these were the wants that sprang to mind right away.

I Want

I want to move forward
and stop looking back
quit changing direction
focus my track

I want people to see 
beyond acquiring things 
know happiness is not 
owning fat diamond rings 

I want deeper connection 
more face to face talk 
less cell phone obsession 
more time for a walk 

I want meaningful sharing 
my soul being fed 
not dead boring small talk 
that leaves things unsaid 

I want to live in a world 
where the spiritually depleted 
wake up one fine morning 
feeling joy, not defeated 

I want to see my girl’s life 
flourish and grow 
watch her follow her dreams 
don’t let them go 

I want just one more thing 
to hear people say, 
Have you read her book yet? 
Go read it today! 

(Had to throw in that last verse to lighten this wish list up a bit!) :-) 

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