Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Today's Assignment - Create New Words

I had some fun with this one. It was a light-hearted break from some of the more serious subjects we have been writing about in my 30 Day Writing Marathon.  Feel free to add some other  "gasms" in the Comments.

Designgasm – the overwhelming excitement you experience when you see a perfect room, or house or shoe
Foodgasm – the moment your tastebuds cry out “more, more, Oh my GOD, MORE!” (often involves chocolate)
Scalegasm – the fist-pumping joy you feel when you step on the scale and are down 5 lbs without even trying
Bookgasm – when you close an incredible book you just read, pause, and let it melt into your memory and sigh
Eargasm – when you hear a song or piece of music that moves you to tears (because it is good)
Composigasm – when a writer strings together what he/she considers a perfect sentence, analogy or metaphor and reads it over and over and over again basking in their own brilliance. (sometimes followed by a cigarette)

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