Wednesday, August 24, 2016

She can Fly

This momma bird
sings a sad song 
this morning
her nest
a silent 

There she goes
flying high
above clouds
and foreign lands
back to learning
and becoming
and growing
her own wings
that no longer 
fit in this nest

The momma bird
pecks at the
empty spot 
examines the tidbits
left behind
the scraps
unecessary for 
the journey
but the lifeless quality
of the tags and bags and boxes
saddens her
she will repair the nest
today is too soon
she needs to linger
to mourn
come to terms
once more with the
loss and grief she feels

She tilts her head up
but her eagle eye
cannot see
through the heavy clouds
that suit her heavy heart
this morning
Farewell and see you soon
are no consolation
are unable
to stop the tears that fall
mother's tears
a salty concoction of 
sorrow and pain
laughter and joy
and shared genes

Worry not
chirp the other birds
She will find her new flock again
like she has before
her wings stronger each time
she leaves this nest
The momma bird shivers
ruffles her feathers
composes herself now
There is work to do
food to gather
but not before she
sings a love song
releasing it up into the sky
for her baby bird
a sweet collection of notes
to carry her and support her
and catch her when she falls
and lift her to heights
she is yet to climb
assuring her how far she can soar
How far she will

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