Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go Ahead - Try to Convince Me!

For the most part, I hate TV commercials. I always mute them and read while they're on - with one exception. Golf commercials. Sure, there are some that are less than stellar from a creative or entertainment perspective, but some of them are so good, I actually have hit the rewind button to watch them again. I love the Foot Joy ad featuring Ian Poulter. Ian, for those of you not up on players in the PGA Tour, is one of golf's most "colourful" players.(see photo above) It's worth tuning in to a tournament just to see what that dapper boy is wearing. The commercial plays off of that of course. You see Ian sneaking into his house carrying something in a plain brown wrapper. He swiftly mounts the stairs and holes up in his giant walk-in closet where he then carefully unwraps his latest shoe find. As he sits admiring his choice and holds a shoe up against a pair of pants to check the match (just like a woman!). He looks up sheepishly to see his wife (or is it his mother?) standing with her arms crossed and shaking her head at his pathetic attempt to sneak another pair of shoes into his wardrobe without getting caught. He failed. My other favourite that got a lot of air time around the 2008 Master's Tournament was the one with Trevor Immelman standing in the men's room practicing talking to the press. He is talking into his hairbrush. In walks Vijay Singh just as Trevor is earnestly answering a question into his hairbrush. Vijay, in his ever-dignified fashion, just looks at him and says "How ya doing Trev?" Deadpan. Ya gotta love him. What's great about these commercials is the way they succeed at turning our golf heroes into real people just like you and I. The golfers featured in these ads are now our friends. They think and feel the same way we do. The commercials are funny and clever and real. So a word of advice to all you ad agencies out there. I mute everything except the commercials that make me laugh,(or cry), or entertain me in some way. I never listen to obnoxious,(think, "I'm Russell Oliver, bring me your gold"), annoying, (think Noooo..body!), or boring (think any and all pharmaceutical spots). And for the record, my last golf shoe purchase was Foot Joy. Was it the ad? Who knows? I can tell you, I've never shopped at Bad Boy, sold my gold to Russell Oliver or asked my doctor for a drug I have seen advertised on TV. That's gotta count for something.

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Anonymous said...

While the add/s mentioned may go part way to convincing you that the champ is "just like you", what you subconsciously want is to be "just like them".... heh heh... see, you do need fixing :-) note: this is my contribution to you continuing writing.. if nothing else, it will hopefully make you a little more annoyed and keep writing, if only to put me in my place..
regards ss