Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Inner Rock Star

There. That's better. I sat down over an hour ago to write today and the reflection in the mirror behind my computer screen was just too much to take. I was still sporting yesterday's hat head from working in the garden all day and it was pretty scary to say the least. It was so distracting, I had to go have a shower and do something about my hair. One of the advantages to working at home is some days there really is no incentive to put myself together. I can stay in my pajamas and write and take calls and work on floor plans - whatever. But sometimes, like today - even I couldn't stand the sight of myself. So now I feel and look better and hopefully can now write. Or can I? I sense a wee case of writer's block today. Hold on. Loading i tunes library. Music might help. Random scroll. Nickelback. Rock Star. I love that song. My daughter and I like to crank it up in the car and sing at the top of our lungs. I especially like the line "and we'll all stay skinny, cause we just won't eat". Imagine that. I can't. Maybe if I was a rock star. But I doubt it. I'd more likely be like Jann Arden or the latest chubette on the scene - Adele. "She'd be so perfect if she just lost a few pounds," the critics would say. Random scroll again. Do You Believe in Magic? The Lovin Spoonful. Perfect. One of my all time faves. Cranking it now. Dancing in my swivel chair. I love it when this song pops up in a movie soundtrack. One criticism though - it's too short. Victim of the sixties. Next. Scrolling. Katy Perry. I Kissed a Girl. I like the idea of the taste of the cherry chapstick. Not so sure about the kissing a girl part. I am dancing in my swivel chair again though. Should I be reading something into that? Nah. I like boy's lips. I predict this is a total one hit wonder. Does get your attention though, doesn't it? Stop....now! Let's Get it Started. Black Eyed Peas. If ever a song was going to pick me up today - this could be it. Off my chair now. Channelling my inner hip hop self. I totally would have been into hip hop when I was younger - it has the same dancey thing going on as disco, and I admit, I loved a lot of that. Remember the 747 Club in Buffalo? The Bakery in Niagara Falls, N.Y.? Gord's Place on Tuesday nights in St. Catharines? I was there - circa 1976. Slowing it down now. (slightly) Alicia Keys. No One. If I were a rock star, I would be her. She's talented, smart, beautiful, she sings and plays the piano,has a good solid set of hips on her, and she never does anything to bug anyone. (not yet anyway) . Back in my chair, eyes closed, singing along, doing the Stevie Wonder rocking on the piano move. These are the things we do when we're alone. I am totally feeling better now. Last Call. Alicia deserves another turn. If I ain't Got You. I'm really wailing now. Swivel chair is making slow turns. Water bottle has become microphone. "Some people want diamond rings, some just want everything, but everything means nothing, if I ain't got you baby." Trying to hit those high notes now. Good thing you can't hear me. Guess I'll be keeping my day job. Don't tell my husband I sang that stuff about not wanting the diamond rings.

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Anonymous said...

"ain't no-one gettin' fat 'cept Momma Cass"... we all know that's b/s. They recon even if you're working from home you should get "dressed for work". Apparently it helps put you in the right frame of mind..........hat head