Monday, April 6, 2009

Get this Butt off of Me!

Monday morning. It only ever means one of two things. I am either thinking of starting a new diet or I actually am starting one. With the number of inspirations that took place in the world last week for someone like me, this rainy April 6th day means the latter. First it was the endless reel of commercial trailers for the upcoming appearance of former fatty Valerie Bertinelli on Oprah (I never actually tuned in, but who needed to?, the trailers gave it all away!). Next up was the amazing transformation of my friend (now hero) Susan. She lost over 30 pounds leading up to her milestone 50th so in her words she could be "fifty and fabulous - not fifty and fat." And she now is - fabulous. As if those two weren't enough to have me running out the door to the next Weight Watcher's meeting, then I saw Seth Rogan on Saturday Night Live - he claimed to have lost "about a million pounds". OK - so he may have exaggerated a wee bit, but he did look like half the man he once was. Rumour has it, his local pizzeria may be heading into Chapter 11. Oh, and I musn't forget my friend Cindy (Halifax Broad blogger) who hired a personal trainer last week to get her in shape - you go girl! So, on Sunday, a family meeting was called. The subject was "lifestyle changes" and how we were going to work together as a team to get fit and healthy. (Ok - lose weight). Having just had a good hour consultation with my naturopath last Thursday, I was full of suggestions and ideas we could all benefit from. I have been seeing her since before Christmas to address a few other issues I was having (won't bore you with the details - digestion was involved) and as we are now making some progress in that area, we are now moving on to the weight issue. The truth is, there is really nothing she can tell me that I don't already know. I am what I would call a nutrition expert, without the degree that goes along with it. So I nod my head politely when she outlines what I should be eating and how much I should be eating and how I need to increase my cardio - "just step it up" and while I am sitting there listening to her I actually believe I can do it. I leave her office with a spring in my step and a new attitude and for the rest of the day, I can do no wrong. Then the reality of day to day life descends upon me and that's when the real work must begin. I have begun this "real work" hundreds of times in my life. When I do it, it works. And then I stop. Two steps forward, three steps back. That's how the weight creeps up. So - this time, with the help of the whole family, (we all need a little work), we are going to try again. Today, I am going to check out a little bike shop down the road that does spinning classes (my ass is sore just thinking about it) and the fridge is filled with healthy choices and I am going to create a menu for the week. As I have been down the W.W. road so many times, I understand the importance of being accountable, so every Monday morning, I will post a small update on the sidebar of this blog, so you - my readers will be my confessional and hopefully my support group. Please don't feel the need to send me recipes, or coupons for gym memberships. I could be retired now with the money I have spent on gym memberships over the years - nothing like paying a gym $40 a month just so you can glance at it as you drive by on your way for ice cream. No - I have all the tools I need - it's just a matter of using them.

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Anonymous said...

I can't really help with the weight off thing except to reitterate what I've previously said .... "walk" though that comment/blogbit seems to have been deleted??? Anyhow, I am an old friend of yours and had intended to sign off my comments with letters which would spell my name, though jumbled.

To cut a long story short, I've given you some jumbled letters here that are all in my name, there is a catch however. The letters I have given you may appear more than once and I haven't given you any vowels (they may also appear more than once). There is a total of 12 letters in my name....


A well travelled woman of letters like yourself should figure it out easy..