Friday, January 8, 2010

Limbo in LaGuardia

Aaahhh yes, the airport blog. The blog we write whilst sitting bored waiting for our delayed flight. Today I sit here at LaGuardia in NYC waiting and waiting and waiting. I would read a book if I weren't so tired, so this seems like a much less taxing exercise to deal with my boredom.
The reason I am so tired is because of that third glass of Merlot I should not have had last night, but it was the last night of the Design Intensive Week and the girls seemed ready to let their hair down a bit, so I joined in on the fun and now I am paying the price. I don't get hangovers like I did in my misspent youth, but I do get a bit fatigued the following day now that I am a bit older and obviously not much wiser. When will I ever learn?
The thing is, the fun you are having at the time seems to outweigh the price you pay the next day, and so I occasionally find myself in denial at the time, when everything seems funnier and everyone is more animated and the lovely red liquid seems to be sliding down so easily.
We worked on this personality assessment this week that categorizes people into one of four types - Analytical, Dominant, Expressive or Solid. After completing the testing, it turned out I was an Expressive/Analytical - a rare combo apparently, as usually Analytical types are not all that Expressive. I was no where near the Dominant type and had very few Solid characteristics.
However, I think if everyone were to re-test after a few cocktails, they may find they are far more Expressive than they thought they were. Their answers would likely be different and their behaviour was quite obviously more animated than it had been before Happy Hour. I have tested this theory myself and found that I often feel much more creative in my writing when I have had a wee drink.
As we know, some of the great writer's of all time were complete drunks. I doubt Hemingway would have produced much of anything worthy of reading had he not had a serious drinking problem and I'm sure he was not alone. What is it about alcohol that allows our brains to free flow? I am not up on the scientific aspects and I don't really care about how it actually works from a physiological perspective, I only know it does make a difference.
So on my way back to my room last night I had this idea for a blog that seemed really cool and creative, but by the time I finished packing for the morning and getting ready for bed, I had totally forgotten what it was. Another casualty of the drink. So as you can see, the effects do not always produce the intended results.
Anyway, while I am sitting here at the airport, if the idea I had comes back to me, I will blog about it, but I have my doubts.
Maybe I will read my book after all.

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