Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dear Bono, I have been a very good girl this year.......

The mind boggling numbers have been hovering around in my head since I heard them.  He invested about 90 million a few short years ago in Facebook and now it is worth close to a billion! That's right folks - with the Facebook IPO, U2's illustrious leader will become the world's richest rock star, surpassing Paul McCartney and Sir Elton and god knows who else.

So, I have decided to go on the record here and officially ask Bono to lend me $100,000, interest free to be paid back in full if and when my first novel or screenplay (still debating here) becomes a huge hit.  That will be just about enough to allow me to take 2 years off work to complete my masterpiece.  Seriously - we are talking chump change here. 

Would it help if I told him that The Joshua Tree is in my top ten fave albums of all time?  Or, that when I hear some people criticize him, I defend him? Or, that I will gladly contribute a portion of my profits to whatever charity he likes or is supporting at the time? Is there anything I can say to convince him? 

He won't even notice it missing, I am sure.  And I would be grateful forever if he could please help me, one of his long time fans realize her lifelong dream.

Cause she "still hasn't found what she's looking for."

And she is pretty damn sure, living that dream would be it.


Beth said...

I should have guessed that you were an aspiring writer! Looking forward to that first novel or screenplay.

Carla Sandrin said...

Can I piggyback on your request? I like Bono to!