Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Try and Stop Me!

Have you ever noticed that "No U Turn" signs are always erected exactly where you want to make a U Turn?  I am not a big rule follower and as I get older, even less so.  I am OK with rules that are in place to protect children or keep people from real harm, but rules like "No U Turn" really annoy me.  If I am not going to screw up traffic, or get in anyone's way, I see no reason not to make a U Turn and guess what?  I do it all the time.  I look around to make sure I won't bug anyone and then I do a second check for a cop who might be parked in the nearby doughnut shop, and then I do it! I break the law. I turn my steering wheel into the turn with gusto and daring and I make the bloody U Turn.

In fact, today, I made 3 U Turns - yup - count em - 3.  I shaved a good 5 minutes off my driving time, did not interfere with the traffic patterns and I felt good doing it.  I think there is some underlying psychology here.  Some inner rebel yell looking for a safe outlet to escape. I have a "need" to break the rules and perhaps see this as a "safe" alternative.  Maybe. Maybe not.

It kind of goes hand in hand with my desire to have more fun these days.  Having been through a shitstorm this past year, the emotional drain of it all has left me craving some lightheartedness, some release from the heavy ongoing obstacles and responsibilities of my life.  I cranked up Cindy Lauper in the car the other day - Girls Just Want to Have Fun - when was the last time I really felt that carefree?  Too long ago - that's how long.

So maybe my U Turns today were symbolic of just that.  I am about to  make a U Turn maybe.  Break some rules. Let my hair down. Stop worrying.  Go with the flow.  Listen to my inner voice. Just be.

Just bloody be.

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