Saturday, March 30, 2013

Roncy wins by a Length!

A couple of quick things before I head out into this stellar spring day folks.  For starters, the Easter weekend always requires at least one of two things.  Hot cross buns or Ukranian egg bread...or BOTH!  Popped over to Roncy village on Thursday for the egg bread and just had a couple of toasted slices with lots of butter.  It will now take at least 2 hours of power walking to compensate for it, but soooo worth it.  

I did discover that the Easter treats in Roncy village (Roncesvalles between Queen and Bloor) are more authentic and less expensive than in Bloor West Village where they are also abundant.  I  went to both and decided both have their charms but Roncey was definitely easier on the wallet.  There is also a really awesome chocolate shop called Chocolateria where all the chocolates are made my hand by the owners as well as homemade ice cream.  The varieties are endless including some fair trade selections and the ice cream was sublime...I only sampled it, but my shopping buddy went for the double scoop and reported it was superb!

I would also be remiss to not mention that the food at Bloom in Bloor West Village was really excellent on Thursday.  I have walked by that joint so  many times and never bothered to check it out, but now that I have, I can tell you it is really worth a visit.  One of those lovely little surprises that offers quality AND value - something that does not happen often enough in this town of a gazillion food choices.  I may do a separate review of it another day.

On another completely different note, a walk along the Humber River last Sunday resulted in some salmon spotting.  I was a bit confused to see them at this time of year, as I thought they only headed up river to spawn in the fall, but there they were, so maybe they do it twice a year - I will have to research that.  I wrote a blog about their journey on October 8, 2010 - please feel free to dig into  my archives and take a look at that one - my thoughts and feelings about it have not changed.  I just re-read it myself.

OK folks, must run - the sun is beckoning and that butter is settling on my arse!

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Carla Sandrin said...

Thanks for the tips, Deb. I'll definitely check out Roncy Village and Bloom in Bloor West.