Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Three, two, one...blast off!

I had the good fortune to enjoy a Reiki session today. In keeping with my current mission to d-tox both physically and spiritually it was the perfect follow up to my herbal cleanse that ended last Saturday. If you have never had any experience with Reiki, it is defined as a spiritually guided life force energy. You can google it if you are really interested in understanding it but I will tell you it is a worthwhile investment of your time especially if you are trying to find or renew balance in your life.

My Reiki practitioner is in training and currently is an accredited energy medicine healer so adding Reiki to her practice is a natural evolution. I found myself distracted at the beginning of our session today and during our post-session evaluation of our time together I learned she felt my energy pushing her away initially. After I settled into a more relaxed state it allowed the energy to flow more evenly between us and I sensed a calm healing warmth emanating from her hands and penetrating my chakra points that was gratefully accepted.

As she worked her way along my body from head to toe as I lay on my back, her final stop at the bottom of my feet produced the most significant moment. My whole body felt almost weightless and a sensation of being lifted or launched straight up from standing overcame me even though I was laying down. It was a profound feeling that I can only describe as being given permission to fly, much like a mother bird would nudge her baby out of the nest. I was unafraid, unlike a small bird might be. Rather, I felt exhilarated and ready, all traces of fear, trepidation and fatigue vanished.

It seems it is truly time now for me to move in a new direction in my life and this was the perfect way to initiate the coming changes.

Houston, We have liftoff!

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Carla Sandrin said...

Sounds amazing. I don't understand it, but if it works, it works!