Monday, March 11, 2013

Staycation...Day 2

Hmmm, what to write about first? Day two of the Staycation (yesterday) or the fact that I am more than half way through the 12 day Wild Rose Herbal D-tox/cleanse.  Day 2 of the Staycation was more fun for sure.  Being lucky enough to enjoy the second of a 2 day blast of spring was more than welcome.

The urge to be near water prevailed so we headed to my old hood in Port Credit and did a good hoof on the waterfront trails.  There was hardly any wind and the sun was brilliant and I even managed to come across something new down there that I do believe has been there all along but I just noticed yesterday for the first time.  There is a lovely point along the waterfront trail heading west from the harbour where artist Jim Menken has created three striking chainsaw carvings from old tree stumps.  What a great way to add some beauty to the area and also a unique and interesting way to make use of what would otherwise just be and ordinary tree stump. The one I liked best is pictured below - something you might see at the prow of an old ship looking out to sea.  She looks out instead to Lake Ontario, but the effect is the same. 

We sat next to her on a bench and snacked on organic apples slices and almonds in keeping with my cleanse and I googled Jim Menken on my phone as we sat enjoying the art and the view.  Turns out he is an Orangeville resident who has been commissioned to create several chainsaw sculptures throughout Mississauga and I particularly enjoyed his motto where he says his mission is to "bring new life to old wood".  Geez, I think most of my married gal pals know all about that!  Sorry, could not resist!

So, ahem, moving on, heading back into the village, I fancied lunch at my favourite raw food eatery - Raw Aura, but alas, it was closed on a Sunday, so we ventured down the way to Planet Organic and got some take-away and sat down at the foot of Hurontario at the park on a bench near the water and ate our healthy choices basking in the late winter sun. Lunch was followed by hot drinks and a stroll along Lakeshore Road, slipping into the odd shop - one in particular that is newish - Casual Life.  The owner has done a fabulous job of merchandising and her focus is outdoor furniture and accessories, some of which could easily translate to indoor pieces.  Some of it quite unique and you can customize your cushions in a myriad of colourful outdoor fabrics.  Worth a look for sure.  She has some great reclaimed wood pieces and twiggy tables with very reasonable prices - check it out. 

Just to backtrack a bit on the cleanse - now that I am over the half way mark - I can report that there were a couple of uncomfortable days where I did suffer from the flu symptoms that are apparently normal.  It was just joint ache but it was pretty intense, especially at night and I had to resort to some Advil to quiet the pain a bit in the night, but it has disappeared the last couple of days, so I guess I am out of the woods now with negative reactions. I would still recommend this despite the side effects. 

The scale has not moved since the first 3 dropped off, but I am hopeful a couple more will disappear before the end of Saturday.  The timing of the end works out well as my mother has invited us for a St. Patricks Day lunch where she will serve the tradtional corned beef and cabbage and of course beer.  I gotta say, after 12 days without any wine or beer, I will be ready for a drink! 

Green or otherwise. 

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