Monday, August 24, 2009

Bandaged but not Broken

Peg! My God woman - get off your knees - there is no reason to praise the Gods that brought us all this good fortune. What? You aren't thanking the lord - you just fell down? Tripped on the curb half a block outside the hotel? Well, here let me help you up, no blood yet - just a couple of scraped knees - you'll be fine.
That being the ONLY negative thing that has happened since our arrival here in NYC yesterday afternoon - think we can consider ourselves lucky so far. We have been getting the royal treatment here at The Four Seasons Hotel in honour of Peg's 50th. They put us on the 41st floor, corner executive suite, sent us wine and champagne and a wee birthday cake (that we only tasted and sent away) and have forced us to gaze upon the most spectacular view of Central Park I have ever been privileged enough to have here.
Our concierge - Randy sent us to dinner at a great little restaurant last night - Fishtail in the David Burke Townhouse near Park & Lexington. We supped on fresh grilled yellowfin tuna and grilled veggies after downing the loveliest bottle of Carneros Chardonnay from California. It was a perfect ending to a long day of travel and a good beginning to our adventure here.
As I pushed a button to open the window treatments this morning, the park view beckoned us to come see her, so we got our walking shoes on and headed out the door toward the park. We decided to do a 3.2 mile trek but took a wrong turn somewhere along the route and ended up doing quite a bit more, ending up at the North end of the Jackie Onasis resevoir with a good 30 block walk back to our intended destination at Columbus Circle for breakfast. It was a pretty good work-out so by the time we got to the Whole Foods at the Time Warner building, we were ready for some food. There was some major tree damage throughout the park from the remnants of Hurricane Bill, so the chipper trucks were out in full force cleaning up the mess. Too bad - some real beauties came down.
Back at the hotel now for showers and making plans for the afternoon. Gotta clean up Peg's scraped knees and - oh - doorbell just rang - more goodies arriving. A big bottle of gourmet strawberry lemonade and a tray of fresh strawberries and cookies.
Wondering if Peg might consider turning 50 again next be continued.

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