Friday, August 7, 2009

I Soooo needed a Fix!

It took a few days, but I eventually got over my blogger withdrawal this past week. It may have helped that I managed to golf (my other addiction) five rounds of 18 in six days, but let's face it, a girl needs something to distract her when she is cut off from the world. I know now that I am addicted to the computer, my social networks and blogging. Without a soul (besides my husband, daughter, assorted clerks and strangers) to talk to all week, it was like a limb was missing and I was having phantom pain in the spot where my computer should be. I kept a travel journal on Emma's laptop and that kept me somewhat occupied over coffee in the morning, but it wasn't the same knowing no one would read it and toss me any feedback. It was like a one-way conversation and I noticed I didn't even enjoy re-reading my own crap. It was hard to believe I was somewhere so remote, I had to drive miles to an Internet cafe just to check my email. I could have taken the time to write my blog, but tee times were awaiting me and it just wasn't the same sitting in some little non-descript office at the resort's admin building. So I decided to just leave it for the week and see how I would survive. I'll tell you dear readers, it was not easy. Who knew that in a little over 7 months, my (almost) daily blogging would become such a habit? Even on days when I find myself searching for something to yap about, complain about or simply reflect upon, I do enjoy the process. Guess I do like writing more than I realized. Maybe I just have years of stored up thoughts just waiting for a place to land - I don't know. All I know, is my holiday is over and the next time I book a week off, I'll be sure to check ahead and make sure they have WiFi service. I could never be one of those cottage owners without TV or computers. Phones - I could do without those - I hate phones - especially when they ring and disrupt my writing. Send me an email - I much prefer the way they arrive, gently and unobtrusively, giving me the ability to respond when I feel like it. At least I have call display and can decide if I want to answer the damn thing or not. Oh - and I highly recommend a Friday to Friday vacation. I just got back a couple of hours ago and now I still have the whole weekend to enjoy before the work week begins. I have never liked getting home from holidays on a Sunday night, knowing I have no time to unwind before Monday morning. On that note - just want to say - it's good to be back and connected. Talk to you again soon.

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Carla said...

Welcome back to the blogging world, Deb. Sounds like you are ready to hit that keyboard. I'm a little worried about the addiction part though...I fear that soon I'll find you sitting at the computer in pyjamas all day, with food wrappers and coffee cups strewn around, and your cat meowing at your feet! :)