Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Wanna Be a Part of it!

Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today....for New York City of course.  Just checked in here at the Toronto Island Airport and so far I am totally charmed by this quaint little method of flying out of town.  A quick ferry ride (like 2 minutes) and you're here.  Soooo much more relaxed than flying out of Pearson - what took me so long to discover this oasis of travel paradise?  After I rode the ferry and went through security, I took a few more steps into Porter Airlines comfortable and quiet departure lounge where complimentary coffee, tea, juice and snacks awaited me. Not just coffee either - a latte!  These guys are totally scoring points with me.
Finding it hard not to eat the free cookies, but there was a day, when I may have scarfed down a few.  I am sitting here enjoying my drink, writing my blog and now I just have to wait until I am called to board my plane.  Next time I would know better than to arrive so early, but since I did not know the lay of the land, I have some time to kill.
The only disadvantage I can see so far is that Porter only flies into Newark, but even it is a bit closer to Manhattan than JFK, so it's not so bad really.  Not as close as LaGuardia, but good enough.  For $99 each way - what can you expect really?  The odd thing is, with this first class treatment, it is worth the little extra drive into town at the other end.  I would have had to be at Pearson even earlier and battled the crowds, the long lines and no free latte.  I'm sold.
I feel like I have discovered some secret mode of travel that most Torontonians have yet to experience, although I know many have.  So dear readers, stay tuned for the "Deb and Peg Take Manhattan Adventure" over the next 4 days.  That is if we ever leave the luxury confines of The Four Seasons!  I know we will, but it is certainly not the kind of hotel one is anxious to leave. 
The big apple may never be the's up to you New York, New York!

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