Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sharon's Last Hurrah?

On the car radio the other day I heard a little tidbit about Sharon Stone appearing on the cover of some French magazine this month - topless. I didn't think much of it until they also added - she is 51. Now that piqued my interest. What, I wondered do Sharon Stone's breasts look like at 51. The same age as me. The difference being of course that hers have likely been lifted or enlarged or god knows what and mine have not been altered. I was still curious. I figured I could just google the picture, but alas, no amount of googling produced the photo I wanted to see. That of course makes me even more determined to see her 51 year old boobs so I can make a comparison. It's probably just as well I can't find the shot, it would likely only lead to disappointment. It's not that I am terribly unhappy with my own set of aging beauties, I just wonder if I am normal or if other women my age look perkier or saggier or whatever. I realize size plays a role here, with gravity playing an even larger role, but I figured seeing the "potential" for a pair of 51 year old knockers might be interesting. As is often the case with bits on the radio, I missed the name of the french magazine. All I heard was she was wearing a black dominatrix outfit, with her breasts fully exposed. Maybe Sharon Stone just doesn't warrant much media buzz these days. Typical to most women this age, she has become invisible. Even exposing herself to the entire country of France (one place where women in their 50's are still considered sexy) has not boosted her up the google or Twitter popularity poles. I just can't find any information anywhere. A believer in fate and karma and all that stuff - maybe I am not meant to see her, lest I get some crazy notion I can transform my own - if not with surgery, maybe one of those air-brushed photos women have taken for their spouses or boyfriends that never gets hung on a wall or placed on a desk with the other family photos. Better yet, maybe it is a sign for me and for all women to stop comparing ourselves to everyone else and just love what we have despite the self-imposed flaws we place upon ourselves. On that note - I will stop looking for that shot of Sharon Stone - they wouldn't likely be real anyway. Thank god for push-up bras. As long as I'm wearing one of those - no one would guess how old they really are.

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