Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Purple - Fall's Fashion forward Colour!

Is September crazy or what? It's always such a huge adjustment after summer. The return of routines and schedules puts me off somewhat, especially when the weather is still warm and I still want to wear white pants and sandals, but suddenly the whole of Toronto it seems has donned their black, grey and this season's hot colour - purple. I don't want to wear black and grey and purple yet, unless it is a bruise from getting hit by a golf or tennis ball, which is also still in full swing. I do this every year. I go down kicking and fighting, resisting the change like a cougar facing menopause. As I sit writing this, the ceiling fan is rotating overhead, a warm balmy breeze blows through my window and it is still summer in theory, for now. The pool is still open. It is not autumn already, dammit! I know, there are signs of it everywhere. The film festival is over for god's sake, what other sign do I need? I actually tried on a winter coat in a shop today. It was not the best idea on a humid day, but the stores are full of winter clothes now, so there is no getting around it. On the other hand, I played tennis this morning and the humidity was so thick, the number of double faults by all four of us were oddly higher than usual - we blamed the thick air for them. (well, it could have been - you never know). I bought two huge pots of fall mums for my urns last Friday, but still haven't planted them - it would be a sign that I have caved. Given in. And worst of all, the stores are full of Halloween candy and mountains of other useless crap they think people actually want to buy for that lame holiday. I nearly succumbed to a bag of chocolate eyeballs today, thinking I would put them away until October 31st, but I resisted that as well. No need to have temptation lingering behind my cupboard doors especially as I am heading into the PMS zone any minute now. The truth is, I actually enjoy the fall. There's nothing like a walk in the woods on a cool crisp fall day, leaves crunching underfoot and the last blush of late summer flowers before the first frost. It's this in between time that I don't like. The transition between summer and fall, that limbo-like zone when you don't know what to wear, you haven't put away your summer clothes and it can be 10 degrees in the morning and 30 degrees by afternoon. That's what I'm talking about. It's like fall just needs to make up it's bloody mind - you're either here or you're not - enough of this wavering wishy washy nonsense. Take a stand autumn. Be a man. Stop wimping out. Grab a rake and start using it. Make me get up in the night to close my window. Insist I wear a jacket or a woolly sweater. Force me to put socks on. Make me believe you are here, or I swear, I'm gonna wear white.

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Carla Sandrin said...

The answer to your seasonal fashion limbo concerns is "layers!" (But I know what you mean.)