Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Undisputed Queen of Mean

I have come to the conclusion that Jane Lynch will go down in history as one of the greatest character actresses of all time. Her most recent gig as Sue Sylvester on the new show Glee has taken a piece of every past character, tossed them into a blender, mixed them on high and churned them into her most acid-tongued, venom- spewing, mistress of Lucifer we have seen to date. In her most recent role prior to Glee, as Charlie Harper's shrink on Two and a Half Men, she appears all too infrequently. For those of you wanting more of this talented actress, Glee seems to be giving her more camera time, so tune in. She is certainly a powerful part of this ensemble cast. As always she plays an over-the-top, overly-full-of-herself character, in this case, the ego-centric coach of the multi-award winning high school cheer-leading squad. She is overly competitive, self-centred, spiteful and mean, and I cannot get enough of her scenes. I first noticed Lynch in the movie Best in Show a few years back and since then she has slowly been working her way along the road to becoming a familiar face in Hollywood. She was recently asked if she related to her new character and told reporters, "Even though I don't walk through the world like that, I admire her shamelessness and her entitlement," Lynch says. "What other people do around here doesn't ever affect her. She stays exactly how she is, and I love that about her." She also said she feels so bad about what she is going to do to one of the other characters in the upcoming episodes that she literally hugs the actress who plays her every morning on the set as a way of apologizing in advance for what she is about to do to her on set. The question viewers will want answered at some point of course, is will they get some insight into Sue Sylvester and her obvious deep-rooted reasons for her heinous behaviour. The director of Glee has revealed there will be some slight redemption for Sue, but that it will just give her carte blanche for at least "eight more episodes of mean." I can hardly wait.

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Carla Sandrin said...

I watched about five minutes of this show and turned the channel. I really couldn't see the appeal. But after reading your commentary, I'll give it another chance and watch a whole episode. There must be something redeeming about this character apart from her real-life niceness!