Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

I'm soooo glad it's raining today. If it were all sunny and cheery looking outside, I would feel compelled to roll up my sleeves and get outside and start cleaning up the garden. We got back last night after another long day on the road and it always amazes me how sitting in a car all day can make you so exhausted. I finally managed to sleep in today - the last official day of vacation, natch! I did a very quick preliminary inspection of the garden when we pulled in last night and was relieved to see that some progress had occurred while we were away. We saw daffodils blooming in central Pennsylvania, proof it is coming this way. With the end of a holiday, comes the inevitable reality check. The first check I got was pulling in the driveway. This harsh winter did a real number on the paint job on our house. That, and the fact it faces West in full sun all day. The paint is peeling so bad, I'm waiting for one of those Hollywood location scouts to knock on the door any day now to ask if they can use our place for Halloween 13 or Slumville Trillionaire. We just had it painted two years ago - how can it look this bad already? Check number two came when I looked out the kitchen window this morning at the pool. The cover has never been so full of water. The ice melted while we were away and if we don't get a pump in there today and start bailing, the rain being added as I speak might just be enough to make it start flowing over the lip of the pool - quick grab the sand bags! Then I noticed Emma's gym bag at the bottom of the basement stairs, forgotten in the rush to leave. You can bet I'm looking forward to opening that breath of fresh air later, now that the smelly articles inside have had an extra couple of weeks to ferment. I'll get to that after I go grocery shopping, restock the fridge, unpack suitcases, sort the other gazillion loads of laundry, open the mile-high stack of mail, answer the voice mails and pick up the cat (thanks Margot and Art) that will give us the cold shoulder all day. And it's not even a Monday! The good news is, I only gained 2 lbs inhaling Bojangles and Hush Puppies for two weeks (not everyday - I'm not that bad!) and it is likely just water gain from all the salt in the restaurant food - should be gone by tomorrow (I'm hoping). It's true what they say - there's no such thing as a free lunch and there's no place like home.

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