Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Goldilocks has a "Champagne Problem"

You would think that being on vacation, I might actually sleep in a bit but the truth is, I wake up even earlier than usual because I have this "champagne problem" when I travel.  Two years ago when it was clearly time to send our "honeymoon mattress" to it's land-fill grave (15 yrs of marriage at that time), we bought a pillow-top as a replacement.  For a few years, I had been complaining about my inability to get a good night's sleep on the old one because it was too hard.  My aging spine surely required a softer, gentler place to slumber.  It took about a month to get used to the new cloud-like sleep experience, but get used to it I did and there in lies the rub.
Now, this Goldilocks needs her nightly fix as sure as a drunk needs his nightcap.  I have become very particular about my nightly venture to the "land of nod".  My dearest friend Peggy keeps me supplied with the most amazing king-size pillows from the Four Seasons Hotel (she works there and gets a great deal) and I won't even consider thread counts of less than 400.  So I take my pillow with me on road trips, and pray for the good sheets (sometimes I get them and sometimes I don't) but I haven't figured out how to pack my mattress yet.
The condo we're staying in is lovely in every way with the exception of the mattresses.  They are hard like my old one.  My husband and daughter barely notice (husband snoring as I write this) and so I feel like the "princess and the pea" with no prince in sight to rescue her.  I know I will survive the ordeal, but as much as I love being away from it, when it comes to my beloved bed, there really is "no place like home".

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