Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On My Own

Just back from my morning walk on the beach and one would think that since I have been up since 6:30 am, I would arrive back at our home away from home to find a hub of activity.  Surely my husband and daughter would be up by now, eating breakfast, getting ready to head out for a day of adventure, but sadly no, I enter the condo and all is silent.  
I have always wondered what it must be like to live in a household where everyone is on a similar schedule....or at least close to one.  Not my gang.  They are night owls and I am a morning person.  For many years I tried to change them but it was a losing battle.  I am a firm believer that there is a reason for everything and I think after all this time, I have figured out that the time I have to myself in the morning was meant to be.
By now (9:00 am), I have had breakfast, read the paper, gone for an hour long walk on the beach (just me and the sandpipers) and now am quietly sitting and writing this blog.  All pretty enjoyable activities despite the silence.  Had they bounced out of bed at the same time as me, I would have had to endure the chatter, the crowded kitchen, likely had to beg one of them to go for a walk with me and would not have had the quiet space I need to write.  In fact, I think if they suddenly became morning people, I actually might resent the loss of my time to myself.  
Instead, I thoroughly enjoyed my solitaire walk.  The weather is changing (thank god), still cool and breezy by the water this morning, I was happy to see bits of blue sky breaking through, and the weatherman says sunny and 62 today.  Perfect.  Myrtle Beach is a great walking beach, the tide was out this morning, so the sand is hard and level and there were lots of interesting little critters and shells to check out.  I had to resist picking up every little treasure I found, as over the years,  my shell collection has gotten entirely out of hand. (last year's cache it still sitting in a bag in the garage) so I chose three perfect little clam shells (one for each of us) that I will add to the bowl on the coffee table at home, proof that we were here.
Today we are hitting the driving range and mini golf to get warmed up for our first day on the links tomorrow.  Someone I know will actually have to get up early tomorrow!  But an afternoon nap by the pool may be in order.....to make up for those lost morning hours  of sleep.  Such a grueling schedule.  Aren't holidays great? 

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