Sunday, March 22, 2009

Charleston or Bust!

Well, we're at the half way point of our holiday and today is moving day.  I booked two different condos for a week apiece so we could get a feel for two different areas of Myrtle Beach.  The first half here in North Myrtle has been great, but now we will check out central Myrtle and see which we like better for next time (and I'm quite certain there will be a next time).  We have to check out of here by 10:00 and can't check into the new digs until 4:00, so as soon as we pack up the car, we're heading to Charleston for the day.
I have really been looking forward to seeing Charleston, especially since reading The Book of Negroes.  I'll be able to see many of the places that were mentioned in the book and get a little history lesson at the same time.  Since I have a wee bit of pressure to get packed up here, I will try to post something tonight.
Gotta go get ready.  Road Trip!

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