Monday, March 30, 2009

The Stuff that Dreams are Made of....

Maybe it's just me, but have you ever noticed that when you have a dream about your husband or significant other, they often come disguised as someone else? Last night my husband looked just like Tom Hanks in a tuxedo. For the record, I have always liked Tom Hanks, but never really thought of him as particularly sexy...until this morning. Maybe it was the tux. A man really can't go wrong with a well-fitted Armani monkey-suit. I never got the suit off Tom, I mean my husband, in the dream, but I was heading in that direction when the alarm went off and I have been trying to analyze my dream ever since. There are people who never remember their dreams, then there are people like me who spend every night moving from one drama to another throughout the night...and tend to remember most of them. My husband will attest that over the years I have subjected him to my dream recollections on more than one occasion whether he wants to hear them or not. When he has been part of the action, I have actually been kind of mad at him if he was doing or saying something I didn't like. Once I even had to get him to assure me that something I dreamt about us didn't really happen (it seemed sooo real). I am one of those who believe you can learn a lot about yourself from your dreams, but don't bother with those dream analysis books you can buy, most of them are crap. Dreams are a very individual thing and what happens in your dreams has meaning only to you. I have found that the best way to approach analyzing your own dreams is to consider how you felt about what was happening in your dream while it was happening. Were you happy, sad, frustrated, frightened, etc. etc.? Then you can take it a step forward and ask yourself why you felt that way and what was the message your sub-conscious mind was trying to reveal to you. You will be amazed at the answers that come when you ask these simple questions. Of course the trick is in the remembering. Details of dreams vanish and become diluted as the day wears on unfortunately, so unless you're really determined and have the time to write them down upon awakening, you won't recall everything you need to do a thorough analysis. There are exceptions to this rule. For instance, sometimes a dream can be so powerful or repetitive that you can't help but remember the details. I believe the repetitive dreams have the most to tell us. For instance, I have a classic dream that I know many others have as well. You know, the one about school. For me, I have not read any of the books for my final English exam, I can't find the room where it's being written or my locker that holds the books, and if I don't write and pass this exam, I won't receive my degree. Every time I wake up from this dream, for a brief moment, I wonder if I actually did graduate. I am always relieved to see my framed degree hanging on my office wall later. This one is pretty obvious. It is all about the struggle to succeed in life. I figure the reason I still have this dream is because I have yet to reach my potential and deep down inside, it worries me I may not, despite how many times that little dream voice keeps urging me forward. It would be easier to live without these nocturnal reminders of my unfulfilled potential and the questioning that follows. Who needs to be constantly reminded they could be doing more, contributing more, getting off their asses and making a difference? Don't we all do a good enough job beating ourselves up when we're awake? Guess not. So I say thank god our sub-conscious gives us a break now and again and just gives us the occasional night with Tom Hanks in a tux whispering sweet nothings in our ears (I always look thin and beautiful in these dreams too). No need to analyze - just lay back and enjoy. That's what I call a sweet dream.

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