Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Enough Already!!!!!

I wasn't going to say anything, but I just can't stop myself. This Michael Jackson out-pouring of fake grief is just making me crazy. It's like everyone forgot - especially the press - that the guy was a complete weirdo for the last decade (or more) and suddenly he is the biggest bloody musical genius ever born. Not to seem too cold and callous - I'm sorry the guy croaked, but can we just move on to some more interesting news items now. Today has been the worst. Every radio station doing a play-by-play of Wacko Jacko's (see - I haven't forgotten that was his latest handle) memorial service like the god damn pope died or something. Brooke Shields going on and on about how wonderful he was. Hmmmfff! I bet she never left her kids with him for a sleep over at his Neverland Ranch. He was a pop star for a few years. He turned out a few hits. He was never happy with the way he looked. He spent the last 25 years rearranging his face until he looked almost alien. (or at least more like his sister La Toya). What's up with all that? For the most part, I just thought the guy was kind of pathetic. A lost soul. So let's just let him go now - R.I.P. He's gotta be happier where he is now - that much is evident. And to all you people who sent in your invitation requests for the service like you were buying a lottery ticket - well you all just need to get a life. Really. Get a bloody life.

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