Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good Out! Nice up and down! Great chip!

As I am always quick to fire off a blog when I have had a negative experience on the links with either the course or the people I end up golfing with, I figured it was only fair that I write one about the really positive experience I had yesterday. As I have mentioned in the past, when you are booked as a twosome, it's a real crapshoot as to who you will get sent off with. Sometimes, if you're lucky you get to go off on your own, but with the way things are here near Toronto, that doesn't happen too often. I have written about some of the more obnoxious types we have had to endure, but yesterday we got paired up with a lovely father/daughter duo who couldn't have been more pleasant. Not only were they good golfers, they were polite, funny, charming and a pleasure to spend five hours with. See- I can say nice things about some people. Seriously though, it really adds to the day of golf when you can have a few laughs, not get annoyed or frustrated with the antics of your foursome. I gotta believe, it even helped my game. As they were fairly decent golfers, the competition aspect was alive and well, and I will admit I enjoy a little competitive spirit, it definitely upped my effort. It also helped that they seemed to be paying attention to most of my shots and were quick to cheer the good ones. They really did all the right things. They were considerate, helping find lost balls, picking up wedges at the edge of greens, pointing out unforeseen hazards on the course (they had golfed there before - we hadn't), were fun and funny, just the right mix of light-heartedness and serious when necessary. Turns out we even had some things in common, knew someone in common and she had attended the same summer camp as our daughter for several years. Made for interesting small talk and that was good too. So - if any of the boys from Nice Ballz are reading this - perhaps a new index is in order - instead of the D.B.I. - maybe we need another one for the good guys. Maybe the G.P.P. index. Great Pairing Partners. Perfect 10 to Mark and Cailey from Oakville. Thanks for a great day.

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