Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What makes you Canadian?

I was born in Ontario.
I grew up in Ontario.
I've lived in Alberta and British Columbia.
I have travelled to the east coast of this country.
I have taken a train through the Prairies.
I've left for extended periods of time.
Never more than six months.
I hate the winters.
I love the winters.
I've seen many beaver dams,
But only one beaver.
I bumped into a moose walking home one drunken night in Banff.
I only eat real Canadian Maple Syrup from Quebec.
I know where to find a perfect butter tart.
I've skied the Rockies, The Laurentians and Blue Mountain.
I've hiked many sections of the Bruce Trail.
As much as I try not to, I still say - eh? from time to time.
I sewed our flag to my backpack when I travelled through Europe.
I did it again when I toured the South Pacific.
I've skated and canoed on The Rideau Canal in Ottawa.
I've voted in every federal election since I turned 18.
I've planted a maple tree and can identify most varieties.
I have a trillium in my garden.
I have caught a spring salmon in the Pacific Ocean,
and many a trout in a Muskoka lake.
I love Margaret Atwood, Carol Shields and Mordecai Richler,
to name a few.
I also love Nickelback, Gordon Lightfoot and K.D. Laing
I laugh at Russell Peters, Rick Mercer and Ron James.
I once worked at a small, local, micro-brewery, whose labels,
sported a beaver and a canoe.
I still shop at Roots.
I watch and listen to the CBC.
Call me patriotic.
Call me crazy.
But mostly, call me Canadian.
And proud of it.
Happy Canada Day to all the Canuks out there - even the ones disturbing my chi right now with all the fire crackers. If that's what floats your boat - have at it! Cheers!

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