Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rain? What rain?

I'm on a lucky streak with the rain. For starters, what is up with all this rain? - it is supposed to be summer - not monsoon season! On Sunday, the forecast called for rain, not what you want to hear when you've booked a non-refundable golf tee time. So, we packed the rain gear and headed out. When we got to the course, their radar suggested the passing cell was going to be short-lived and it looked clear all around the eye. "Load up the clubs, then," we said. It was lightly misting for the first two holes and then, like something out of a Charlton Heston movie, the clouds parted and the sun came out. By that time, almost all the golfers had given up and we practically had the course to ourselves. Nirvana. No waiting, no being pushed from behind. The fine weather stayed with us throughout the next 17 holes and we had an awesome day. Since there were only a handful of golfers left on the course, the clubhouse started shutting up early as the staff were sitting around doing nothing, but it left us with a quandary when we finished. "What, we can't get a cold beer?" I asked incredulously of the wait staff who were scurrying about putting the place to bed. It was only 7:15 in the evening. This was not good. The manager, recognizing our pain, sent us down the road to an old stand-by called The Boathouse in Chippewa. He assured us the beer would be cold and the food wasn't half bad either. We were temporarily placated. My husband recognized the place - said it had been there for decades. Turns out the golf club manager had steered us right - the place was just perfect for our needs. The staff were exceptionally friendly and the beer was icy cold. Hang on, I am going somewhere with this. Back to the rain. As we sat on the open air patio, the staff started stacking up the chairs. "Don't worry, we're not closing, there is a big storm coming any time now though," said the manager. So they said we could remain at our table, now sitting like a tiny island in the middle of the giant empty space. As I took the last bite of my greek salad, the drops started to fall. Time for the check. We then proceeded to drive back to Toronto in a torrential downpour, that naturally ended just as we got close to the city limits around Oakville. Once again, avoiding getting soaked. Yesterday, as I had to make several stops as I was out sourcing some things for a client, the same story. This time I had my umbrella, but hardly had the need to open it. Every time I exited a shop, the rain would pause for me and then start up again while I was driving. Which brings me to today. As I had to go do a dreaded Costco shop, I noticed as I was parking the car, the blackened and menacing sky heading my way. Better take the umbrella in with me I thought - I might not escape this one. Once inside, the skies opened up again, but by the time I was through, I looked toward the exit door to see the sun shining again. I did have to skip over a few pretty deep puddles to get to the car, but it was better than the alternative. The sun followed me all the way home, shed it's lovely warmth on me while I unpacked the haul, and as I was closing the trunk, I looked up and there in the west, closing in quickly, another black mass heading my way. It has been raining now since I started this blog, sometimes in buckets, sometimes just a steady downpour, but I am not worried, as I have to head back out shortly to do some more shopping and if the gods keep smiling on me, the sun will be shining any minute now. Those are some kind of horseshoes I'm sporting up my backside, or maybe I'm just on a lucky streak. That reminds me, I better buy a lottery ticket today. It could be my day.

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