Monday, June 8, 2009

Long Live my Blog!

Just finished reading an article in the Globe & Mail about the abysmal failure rate of blogs. Apparently only 5% of all blogs are updated regularly and the remainder are eventually abandoned altogether. There were several reasons for abandonment, but the underlying theme seemed to be that bloggers were disappointed that their blogs were not read enough or that they ran out of stuff to talk about. I could relate to both of those. However, I suspect that the 95% of abandoned blogs might have something to do with the initial motivation of the bloggers for blogging. Most, according the the article wanted their voices heard or fantasized about landing a book deal. Kind of like having kids to see what they will look like. Bad idea. The chances of the book deal are slim to none and if you want your voice heard that badly, maybe politics or evangelism might be a better route. If you are like me, and you just want to write for the pure joy of writing, you may end up in the smaller 5% that actually carry after bloggy day. I said to myself when I started doing this, that I wanted to prove to myself that the simple joy of writing was my prime motivation. I wanted to see if I had the chops to sit down and create a little story everyday. If I couldn't do that, what hope did I have of ever producing longer pieces, or short stories or the big dream - a novel. So when I learned this morning that the odds are really stacked against me, it was as though someone had thrown down the gauntlet! I'll show them - I won't be in the 95%. I will not abandon my blog. I won't be the majority who gains back the weight they lost (been there, done that), I won't be the ex-smoker who takes up the habit again (succeeded on that one, thank god), I won't throw in the towel. Who cares if no one is reading me? Who cares if I never get a book deal? I will continue to view it as a daily ritual. A meditation so to speak. I will live in the moment like Eckhardt Tolle. I will not allow the past or the future to get in the way of the now. Not yet anyway.


Anonymous said...

Strangely enough, 100% of the 95% say that alsso. But keep it up anyway. As you note, call it therapy and claim the expenses back at tax time under personal development...... 10/10

csandrin said...

Go for it, Deb! You have great wit, a great way with words, and a great attitude. Don't let those numbers crush your blogging spirit!Carla

Deb said...

Thank you both for the support. It means more than you know.