Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tossed aside like so much trash

OK, folks, I have a short window of opportunity here before the "gang" arrives. The unfortunate thing about sharing my office space with the family room, it that when Emma is having her gang of merry men and women over to hang out, I have to take my old person ass out of here and make like I don't exist. As I won't regain access to my computer until they head off to a movie at 7:00 pm, figured I'd punch out a short blog before I go. Except now I can't remember the great thought I had in the car while I was stuck in traffic this afternoon and it was a really good idea for my blog. Oh, well, I probably wouldn't have had time to spew the whole thing now anyway, so I'll see if it comes to me sometime later today. I will mention that I just finished reading and it was so funny, I am still laughing, so check it out since I have nothing to say and even if I did, I have no time to say it. And apparently I also now have no money in my wallet because the "gang" has to order in pizza. Broke and tossed to the curb like so much trash. And who said motherhood was so bloody wonderful? If I can remember, I'm going to call them and tell them they were full of cra......zy notions. Yeah. Crazy. Leaving now to wander around aimlessly until I get my house back. TTYL, Decomama

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