Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My First official day of Summer

Even though summer officially started a couple of days ago, for me today was the first day. Today was the first day I drank some lemonade, mopped up the trickles of sweat from my brow after a long walk in the sunshine, felt absolutely compelled to jump in our pool when I got back and then proceeded to float around on a boogie board feeling the sun bake my back. I thought ahead to dinner this morning and made a cold potato salad to go with the grilled chicken for dinner. Now it's summer. It's too hot to weed the garden. From this point on, don't look at it too closely- stand back and admire the lush green scene from a distance. I won't be fighting with the weeds anymore - they have defeated me now. Spring is gardening season for me - not summer. Summer is for kicking back and enjoying the warm temperatures, swimming, lounging in the shady corner of the garden with a book and a cold drink and music - constant music. So many songs meant for a summer day. And even more for a summer evening. It's not that I don't listen to music the rest of the year, I just listen to more in the summer. Maybe because the TV is off for a change. That must be it. Now that Emma is getting older, the gangs of kids that used to frolic around in our pool have disappeared. We hung out in the pool together this afternoon and had a good laugh reminiscing about this silly little thing we used to do when she was little. We called it "Bouncey Baby". I would gather her up in my arms, and start to spin around in circles, bouncing her up and down in the water until we were both dizzy, chanting "bouncy bouncey baby" and when she least expected, I would lift her as high as I could and toss her into the water. She used to love that little game so much, she would ask me to do it over and over again until my arms would ache. I asked her today if she wanted me to see if I could still lift her (knowing I couldn't) and for a moment I think she almost hoped I would and could. We laughed as hard thinking back on it as we used to actually doing the silly thing. For a few more days, I will try to live with the warmth before I eventually resort to turning on the air conditioning. I want to taste the season before I run and hide from it. If I close my eyes, I can imagine I am somewhere exotic and tropical. All I need now is a waiter to serve me a drink and a pool boy to fan me with a banana palm. OK, so maybe I am getting a little too expectant here, but allow me my fantasy. It's a short season.

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