Thursday, June 18, 2009

Looks like you can fight City Hall

Ahhh, yes, today I feel satisfied. The squeaky wheel got some oil. Doing my happy dance. I took on city hall and won. Just like that. A few blogs back you may recall I was ranting about the garbage bins across the street placed in an undesirable location. They were close to the street in full view of our homes and were beginning to attract illegal dumping of old tires, computers and god knows what else. When I mentioned the problem to the management at the old Inn, it was pretty apparent they weren't going to make any changes. It was time to write a letter. So I wrote a lengthy yet diplomatic letter to our city councillor alerting her to the situation and suggesting changes. I copied her boss and had several neighbours sign a petition asking for the bins to be moved or camouflaged somehow. I mailed the letter about 6 business days ago. It came as quite a surprise when a reply arrived in the mail today - so soon after they had received our complaint. As I was opening the envelope, I really expected it to be a standard response sent by her secretary saying they had received our letter and would look into the matter - a receipt letter so to speak. I was wrong. Instead, the letter told me of the action that had already taken place. The management of The Montgomery Inn had been contacted, quotes were being presented for a more attractive wood surround to conceal the eyesore bins and they would no longer be placing their green bins out 2 days early to the delight of the local raccoon population. As soon as the solution was in place, the Inn management would be contacting the surrounding neighbours to explain their plan. I nearly fell over. Either we have one of the most effective politicians working on our behalf, or there is an election coming up. Whatever the motivation on her part (Gloria Lindsay Luby), she can rest assured now that she does have our vote and that by satisfying her constituents in this quick and efficient manner will provide her with unlimited word-of-mouth good will. Why, I just got back from a luncheon with 8 local women, told the story, now they will repeat the story to countless other neighbours and so on and so on. Imagine the alternative - nothing was done, we were all still upset and bad-mouthing the powers that be. This minor move on behalf of a few angry tax-payers will pay her dividends for years to come. I like a smart woman. It's nice to know we have one on our side.

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