Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Ultimate Real Estate

I've often wondered what it would be like to live somewhere other than a standard house. I have always been fascinated by the thought of living on a houseboat or a giant tree house or the ultimate accommodation - a lighthouse. I could imagine finally getting down to the business of writing my novel whilst watching a storm rolling in off the ocean. There is something quite appealing about the solitude and the connection with nature that would come with the address. Although I know nothing about the duties and responsibilities of being a lighthouse keeper, the job itself seems perfect. Reporting the weather, communicating with passing vessels, all within the confines of what amounts to as a giant turret. Bliss. There is a mystery and a romance to it that is compelling. I've never known a lighthouse keeper. Do they live alone? Do they raise families in them? Whenever I have been near a lighthouse, there has never been any sign of inhabitants. Maybe they had driven into town when I was there. Maybe they didn't like talking to anybody and when they saw me snooping around, they holed up in their red and white tower of circular stairs. If I could, I would want the observation tower to have a spot to sit and read and write. A place to sleep would be good too, so you could wake up high atop your perch to an ocean view. Or do the keepers live in a little cottage outside the tower? That way, they just step outside their door to go to work. Either way, it seems like a great gig. There would be no room for excess stuff. Everything would have a purpose and a home, like a sailboat. Space would be at a premium. Minimalist living at the ultimate best. I would have a heavy bright yellow rain slicker hanging on a hook by the door and top quality wellies for rainy weather. In the summer months, I would have a small garden to tend with herbs and veggies, reducing the need for trips into town for every little thing. Not so different from where I live now in that regard, except without the traffic and neighbours. And the best part of all, someone would pay you for the privilege. Who gets these jobs? Is there a college course you can take - Lighthouse Keeper 101? Sign me up!

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