Monday, June 22, 2009

It goes fast so lap it up while you can!

They wait for it the entire school year - the month of June. The days and months of captivity over for yet another year and parents everywhere begin to wonder if they will survive the summer. The kids are home. Sure, they get shuttled off to camps and various programs, but for the most part, they will be around. And depending on their age, will be around a little or a lot. In my case, a little. For starters, Emma has a very busy summer planned. Two weeks away at art camp. Two weeks in Scotland with her art camp buddies. That covers 4 of the 12. One week will be spent on a family vacation, so that doesn't really count as being around the house. So now we're down to 7. One week is almost over, so now we're down to 6. Since the majority of those 6 weeks (42 days for anyone who is calculating), she will be asleep for about 1/2. (literally) Now we're down to 3. Of those 3, she will spend another 1/2 with friends, away from the house. Now we're down to 1 1/2. That's 10 days. That means, all the things I thought we might be able to do this summer have to be condensed into 10 days. We always have to take at least one day for a road trip to Wasaga Beach. It's a tradition. Body-surfing for hours, guaranteed sun-burn and ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. Nine days left. One day over on the island (Toronto island) to rent a bicycle built for two and a cruise around the loop. Eight days left. One trip to visit the grandparents so they know she is still alive. Seven days left. One day to shop for camp stuff and another to shop for Scotland stuff. Five days left. Three days set aside for feeling bloaty, crampy and possibly doing nothing. Two days left. One day for back to school shopping. One day left. One stinking day. Where did the summer go? We always say that. Shit! Where did the summer go?

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