Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A good design perv - any day of the week!

BIG SALE! That's what all the signs say at one of my very favorite places to shop for clients, myself or with friends - hell I'll find any excuse to go there just to have a perv at all the stuff I can't afford. As a decorator, I am on their mailing list and get word of sales before the general public which is nice but still doesn' t address the fact that the stuff I really like and/or want never seems to be on sale even when there is a BIG SALE! Was there this week with a client and after I was finished helping her make some decisions, I went back in to have a look for myself and another client who was not in tow. The dining room chandelier I have been swooning over for like forever is still regular price. The wall sconces - ditto. Even with my "designer discount", they are still out of reach for me. There is a small occasional table that is more like a work of art that gets me all revved up every time I see it and it is on sale but it is a floor model and there is a scratch on the top - a pretty big one - so it won't be gracing my living room anytime soon. Of course I am talking about Elte. The place is dripping with every thing a design-minded gal could want. Carpets, furniture, lighting, bedding, accessories. I've even thought about working there just so I could be surrounded with the stuff all day. I never go there without being filled to the brink with longing for at least one item. People used to say - "Oh, if you like Elte, you should go to ABC Carpet and Home in NYC." But I did go there once and it was a huge disappointment next to Elte. Big letdown. So when I go to NYC next month for my friend Peg's 50th, I won't be visiting that place again. I have managed to buy myself a few things from them over the years - some of my most beloved things really. If "things" can be beloved. I am in conflict constantly over my attachment to "things." The older I get, the less attached I have become, but because I am so visual, it is hard to be completely detached. My own house is at a point where it needs a complete overhaul and I am overwhelmed by the mere thought of it, so I just continue to ignore it and get my jollies from my clients outcomes. What was my point here? Oh yes - the BIG SALE! Why do retailers insist on this kind of false marketing? If Elte was really having a BIG SALE, the things I want would be a part of it. So stop trying to suck me through you doors with promises you can't keep! Just stop it!

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