Monday, July 20, 2009

Milestones shoud be Funny!

I can't help but mention the special birthday being celebrated today. Milestone birthdays are always special. My parents both celebrated milestone birthdays this year - 70. I noted with frustration that the card companies stop making the cards funny at 70. I couldn't find a one that made a joke or snide remark about turning 70 and it pissed me off. If you can't find some humour in aging, then you may as well be dead. Those folks at Hallmark need to lighten up. So, when I started looking for a 60th card for my husband, the selection was a bit better, but it would seem the cut-off for really humorous cards ends at 50. Since I misplaced the card I had purchased for him a few months ago, (I really need to be more organized) I went to find another one and the ones that were trying to be funny were just lame attempts at humour. I ended up with a funny card - but it wasn't specifically geared toward turning 60. I needed to find one that said - "Glad it's you and not me." Or - "Lucky you - now you can take advantage of the senior's discounts in some stores." You know, take a jab at the old guy. But I had no success at all. One of the gals in the administrative staff where he works noticed his birthday was coming up and mentioned it to him and she guessed him to be 51 or 52. I'll admit, he does look young for 60, but boy was she trying to get a raise or what??? Anyway, it made him feel good and that's what counts. Comparing him to Tom Watson at the British Open yesterday, he actually does look 51 or 52. That guy has spent waaaay toooo much time in the sun. Tom turns 60 in September and looks 70. Doug definitely wins the "youthful look" competition there. So for what it's worth, Happy Milestone Birthday Doug, and glad it's you and not me! Your MUCH younger wife, Decomama, xo

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Eileen said...

I CANNOT believe Doug is 60. I really can't.