Thursday, May 21, 2009

America Voted!

And I find it kind of funny I find it kind of sad The dreams in which I'm dyin' Are the best I've ever had I find hard to tell you 'Cause I find it hard to take When people run in circles It's a very, very Mad world, mad world Mad world, mad world
Indeed! A very very mad world. No scratch that. Mad America! For those of you unaware of what happened last night on American Idol, allow me to illuminate. Adam Lambert lost. Clearly, the most talented singer, performer of the bunch, did not win. No offense to the winner Kris Allen. But we are talking about apples and oranges here, or should I say apples and asparagus, because evidently America prefers vegetables over fruit. That's right. In my opinion, the only reason Adam Lambert was not voted Season 8's new idol was the fact that he is gay. If there is another reason, I certainly don't know what it would be. Americans voted. They voted for the less talented heterosexual guy and against the incredibly gifted gay guy. Adam Lambert is surely the most talented voice to ever grace the stage of the Kodak Theater and the prize went to a lovely young man with a good voice and wife. Kris Allen has talent - I won't deny him that. But will he fill concert stadiums with his coffee house sound? Not likely. Adam Lambert on the other hand - well - look out world, cause now that Steven Tyler is on the road to the geriatric ville and Freddie Mercury is long gone, the world has been waiting for the likes of Adam Lambert. He has "it". Star power. This boy can mesmerize a crowd. His voice has incredible range. He hypnotizes with his eyes. He is already a polished performer before he ever steps onto a grand stadium stage. We want to hear more of him. Kris Allen - not so much. But this is not meant to be a criticism of Kris Allen. Kudos to him for wooing America. This is about WHY Adam Lambert lost. I have watched American Idol for 7 seasons now and it's the same story every year. It's a popularity contest, rarely a talent contest. Think Taylor Hicks -say no more! And if you have something about you that doesn't fit into the perfect little mold, you can have all the talent in the world, you don't stand a chance of winning. It's all about the voting. The judges, try as they may to steer the vote, still have no real power over the way the country makes its choice. This time, the rednecks of America got their way. It's a sad commentary for a country that likes to pride itself on its diverse and colourful population. Lucky for Clay Aiken, he remained in the closet until after the competition was over or he may never have made it to the final pairing in season 2. All you had to do was google Adam Lambert images to determine his sexuality - the world seemed to take great delight in posting photos of him kissing other men. The lyrics to Tears for Fears - Mad World at the top of this blog were really poignant. It was as though Adam chose that song knowing his fate. But the truth is Adam, if the dreams in which you're dyin are the best you've ever had, then consider the death of your American Idol dream to be a blessing. Despite a second place finish in this competition, you will emerge a star. The brass ring won't be necessary - you're on your way kid. Make a stop in Toronto on your tour - I know several thousand people here who will come and see you.

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