Friday, May 15, 2009

This and That

Before I hang up my "Gone Golfing" sign this morning (ya, I know - it's only Friday - but it's supposed to rain tomorrow - gotta "make hay while the sun shines, or something like that) I must mention a couple of noteworthy things that happened yesterday. First off, my bitching blogger buddy Cindy, aka Halifax Broad alerted me to a particularly clever blog called F.U. Penguin. As bizarre as it sounds, it is perhaps one of the funniest things I have read in a while. The guy has over 6,000 followers (the ones actually listed) and has just scored a book deal based on his daily blog entries. It's hard to describe, but he manages to "Tell Cute Animals What's What" in a twisted, demented way that is fresh and original, jarring and strange and so unique, it's downright bizarre. Just read it - you'll see. And click on his photo links to make it even funnier. Speaking of photo links, you will notice I have taken another techno step and figured out how to insert links into my blogs now too. (Like I really needed to add more time to producing this crap!) I must admit, I find it adds a whole new creative dimension and am looking forward to the entertainment value it will provide to you - my faithful readers! I woke up around 2:00 am in a start having just had what I could only describe as a peri-menopausal sweat-soaked nightmare, the content of which I knew I had to stumble down to my computer and record (future novel fodder). As I typed away in my half-dazed state, I glanced over at my new book "i never metaphor i didn't like" and opened it to a random page. Earlier last evening, I had dinner with a dear old friend I used to work with when I used to wait tables and bartend back in my university days. I laughed so much talking about old times with her that it was as though I had taken some kind of fun new drug only without the nasty side-effects. (if it's addictive - great!) So when the quote that popped out at me was this one: Sometimes our light goes out but is blown again into flame by an encounter with another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this inner light. - Albert Schweitzer ....I couldn't help think I had one of those moments last night. Thanks Heather - you may have rekindled something in me - I'll keep you posted. And on that note, I am outa here!


Hack said...

FU Penguin is quite frankly one of the top 5 funniest things on the internet today.

It is simple...and undeniably genius :).

Have good weekend.

Deb said...

Couldn't agree more Hack. You too.