Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who Will be Smiling on Sunday?

OK, so it's a big golf weekend coming up for the PGA Tour - The Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass (thought I'd throw that in for my non-golfing readers). Yesterday, I entered a pool to win a prize package from Callaway from the folks at Privileged Play. The idea was to choose the top four finishers. The results are based on the lowest points. For example, if you chose Woody Austin to win and he came in 7th, you would get 7 points. As I was a bit hurried yesterday, yet did not want to miss the midnight deadline to participate, I very quickly scanned the entrant's list and picked my four. My very scientific criteria was as follows: Number One: Anthony Kim Criteria: I like how he is always smiling, his sparkly belt buckles and I figure he's overdue for a win. Number Two: Ian Poulter Criteria: It's just so damn much fun seeing what he wears everyday and he reminds me of a sporty Rod Stewart. Number Three: Phil Mickelson Criteria: I just love it when he wins and those sweet cherubic little girls of his fling their arms around his neck and hug him. Chokes me up every time! (and he's due). Number Four: Vijay Singh Criteria: I enjoy his laid back style. He never pouts or over-reacts and I could watch his swing all day long. I also admire his practice philosophy. I've just always liked him. You may have noticed I did not include the almighty Tiger Woods in my list of four. Is it just me, or is everyone just plain sick and tired of watching a grown man pout like a petulant child? Ya, OK, so he is America's hero of golf. He does things that other men can only dream of on the golf course. He has a gorgeous wife and beautiful babies. He will likely go down in history as the most celebrated, richest golfer of all time - so what's he got to be so damn pouty about all the time? Loosen the bone Wilma. Have some fun out there. Lighten up bud. Nobody likes a cry baby. Especially one with nothing to cry over. From an odds perspective, I totally should have put him on my list, so I did the next best thing, I put him on my husband's entry. That way, one of us stands a chance!

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