Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Happy Twosome

I've never quite gotten the whole marriage vow renewal thing. After all, it's not a driver's license - the papers don't expire after a few years. If they did.....well, that's a whole other thought train. I have actually never been invited to one of these things. Maybe if I had, I might actually get it, but since I have not, I still do not. Get it, that is. This is going somewhere - I promise. So I was surfing the net for photos - something I do a lot for my blog and I came across the above photo on an event planning website. There was no credit given as to who the golf-obsessed bride and groom were but I imagined Greg Norman and Chris Evert, but since she is more of a tennis gal and there were no racquets or fuzzy green balls anywhere, I had to rule them out. Maybe, it was just an ordinary couple who shared a love of golf and each other and figured they'd go for the golf-themed wedding reception. When it's your party, you can do what you want to (there's that song again) and that's exactly what they did. Over the top cutesy? Probably. But at least as a guest you get to go home with a free golf ball (guess they were too cheap to spring for a full sleeve) and a kitschy club head luggage tag (and at some weddings that would be the best part). So, back to my point. When I saw this photo, it made me think, since I was already married and the notion of a golf-themed reception had never occurred to us back then, maybe we should renew our vows and then we could be as crazy as the kooky couple who hired this event planner. OK - it was a really quick, fleeting thought. Then I came to my senses. As I said earlier, still don't get the whole vow renewal thing. But I do have a husband who loves golf and has a big milestone birthday coming up this summer - so I might be able to use a few of the ideas for his party. That's all I'm sayin. Yup - that's all I'm sayin.

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