Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Men as "Art"

Oh, what a night it was! Two full hours of eye-candy starting with those two cute talented lads on American Idol followed by an hour of Simon Baker in The Mentalist. What girl wouldn't have sweet dreams after a night like that? The night before it was those gorgeous upper-east side hotties in the season finale of Gossip Girl (my daughter makes me watch it with her). Penn Badgley. Chace Crawford. Ed Westwick. (pictured above) Even their names are hunky. The day before that it was that studly English golfer at the Irish Open, Robert Rock. I have been inundated of late with images of male beauty. OK, I may be married, but I'm not dead. I still notice attractive members of the opposite sex. My husband knows I do. He is secure, unthreatened. Good thing, because I can be a little vocal in my opinions from time to time whilst we watch them all on television. Of course my daughter stirs up the banter and contributes to my education of who's hot and who's not under 25. Sometimes I think she just does it on purpose to get a rise out her dad who says she can't date until she's 32. The boys on Gossip Girl really do stand out as some of the best though, I must say. Thankfully, they've thrown in a hot older guy - Rufus (Matthew Settle) - so I can pretend I am more attracted to his looks than the younger boy toys who star in the show. What is it about youth that is so appealing? Besides the taught six-packs? I've actually always noticed that trait, third, after the eyes and face. And of course, if a man is unattractive, a great sense of humour can still compensate for getting dealt a bad hand in that department. Think Jack Black or Bill Murray. When it gets right down to it, the looks don't matter that much at all in the end. I recall dating a gorgeous guy once in high school. I knew nothing about him other than he was blonde, green-eyed, buff and beautiful. He went to a different high school and I had spied him at a football game between my school and his. I got an introduction from a friend who went to his school and next thing you know, we're heading out on a date. He was somewhat charming starting out, but predictably boring and self-obsessed and after two or three dates I lost interest. I'm sure there are plenty of gorgeous men out there who have a personality too, it just hasn't been my experience. (husband excluded). I've always advised my daughter to become friends first when it comes to boys. That way, if it was only his appearance that first attracted you, you'll find out in no short order if there is more to him than "floppy bangs and killer abs". (her words, not mine). However, allow me to set the record straight. I do not restrict my wandering eyes to the under 30 crowd. I still think some of the old boys look pretty good. Even craggy old Robert Redford and Sean Connery can turn my head. And of course, George Clooney never disappoints. I guess you could say, I have an appreciation for "men as art" in general. As long as you stand back, admire the work, suppress the urge to own it and walk away, it's all good. No harm, no foul.

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