Sunday, May 24, 2009

Together Forever - I'll take that Bet!

You hear about these things, but when it happens to someone you know, it proves it is possible. I'm talking about meeting and falling in love and marrying someone you have met through an on-line dating service. Last night I attended the wedding of one of the gals in my book club. The very happy couple met on-line a couple of years ago and they tied the knot last night in a touching and beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family. I felt lucky to be included on the guest list. When we (all the members of our book club) first learned that she had met, and was about to start dating this man, we were somewhat skeptical and concerned for her well-being. Was it safe? Was she going to be careful? What if? What if? We all knew she was a very bright, intelligent woman that would never take any chances or put herself or her two children at risk, but none of us had ever had any personal experience with on-line dating and were (we thought) justifiably worried. From everything we heard from the beginning of their courtship to last night's conclusion, our fears were for naught. This man has treated our friend in a wonderfully loving and respectful manner. We finally got to see for ourselves last night just how happy the two of them are together. There is something very calm and serene about a mid-life marriage. Unlike a first marriage at a younger age, when life seems to stretch out forever ahead of you, the second go round takes on a different vision. The combined past experiences have prepared you for the bumps in the road ahead. There is a commitment to catch each other when you fall, that, although promised, wasn't necessarily understood the first time around. There is less of a building of a life together and more of a support and maintenance of the present structures in your life. It's a commitment not to be taken lightly. It was entirely evident last night that something strong and sure took place. Not fairy tale love. The real thing. These two stepped over the threshold with eyes wide open and a firm grip on reality. I'd be willing to bet these two will go the distance. And I'd make a hefty wager.

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